In the Union of Chechen youth interested in the activities of

the Union of Chechen youth has declared its intention to investigate the activities of the Creator of the “Male state” Vladislav Pozdnyakov, who organized the persecution of women and homosexuals, including under the racist and nationalist slogans.

As reported by “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the Chairman of the Union of Chechen youth Rustam Chapaev, his organization will become familiar with the statements and activities of Pozdnyakova. “If we see that there really is inciting some kind of ethnic hatred or gender, then we can even go and ask law enforcement authorities to investigate this case,” said Chapaev.

According to him, Pozdnyakov — “opinion leader” if you can arrange a mass persecution of its actions should be known by the police.

Earlier in social networks was launched the campaign with the hashtags #samadis and #SaveWomenFromPozdnyakov. Users need to bring Pozdnyakova responsible for the outbreak of persecution and incitement to violence against women and LGBT people. Telegram founder Pavel Durov urge to delete my account in the messenger, because it violates the terms of service. To draw the attention of Durov at the problem, users put the “units” application in the AppStore.and Play store.

Earlier in Russia against Pozdnyakova brought the case on the incitement of hatred towards women and in December last year was found guilty and sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally. In March, the case was closed because of the partial decriminalization of the article. After that meeting he went abroad.

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