In the United States are preparing a new package of measures to stimulate us economic growth

The US administration soon will begin preparing a further stimulus package of U.S. economic growth. As reported by Finanz, it was confirmed on Monday in conversation with journalists the chief of staff of the White house staff mark meadows. According to him, the American authorities will try to determine “what are the real needs, probably on the second or third week of July.” Meadows said that the coordination of the preparation of the new bill the US government will deal with the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin. He stressed that the Executive branch of the US government would like the new package not only to send Americans personal checks for their additional financial support, but also to complement such measures with tax breaks, steps to support industrial production in the country. The head of the White house added that the us administration continues to insist primarily on the reduction of income tax and support the return of American manufacturing companies their production from overseas to the homeland. As specifies the edition, the US Federal government since March, has poured into the us economy approximately $3 trillion within the last few packets of emergency measures to stimulate economic growth in the period of the pandemic COVID-19.

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