In the United States denied the possibility of postponing the elections

the United States presidential Election will be held as scheduled — November 3, 2020, of moving them out of the question.

this was stated by the head of administration of the White house USA Marc meadows after the loud statements of Donald trump about his desire to postpone this process.

At the same time, Washington expressed confidence in the victory trump over your opponents, noting that “no delay” the President had not considered.

“We will hold the election on the third of November, and the President will win,” he said in an interview with CBS.

meadows also said bad idea to the possibility of voting by mail, as the authorities are not ready to cope with the treatment received so ballots.

Earlier, trump explained why the day before expressed hope that is scheduled for November 3, presidential elections were to be later. According to trump, he fears that to sum up the results of the campaign will be difficult because of vote by mail.