In the United States died in the designer of the rockets that delivered to space by Yuri Gagarin

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In the United States on 95-th year of life died, Anatoly Daron, a scientist and chief designer of engines for the family of Soviet ballistic missile R-7, which was created of the carrier rockets “Vostok”, “Voskhod”, “Soyuz”.

Died constructor of rocket engines that sent Gagarin into space.#news #space #Anatolian #Гагарин

— World 24 (@Mir24TV) June 29, 2020

According to TASS, the cause of death was cardio-renal failure.

Daron was born in 1926 in Odessa, in 1948 graduated from the Moscow aviation Institute. Almost 50 years he worked in NPO “Energomash”, became leading designer in the development of liquid rocket engines (LRE) of RD-107 and RD-108 for the family of missiles R-7 rocket engine RD-270 rockets UR-700.

In the US, he moved in 1998, where he lived until the present time with the family.

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