In the United States has announced a grant for

Bureau of international public Affairs of the US state Department has decided to issue a grant for “exposing the misinformation of the Russian public health services”.

the Winner will receive a $250 thousand state Department intends to allocate this amount for the preparation of the “report on Russian and Soviet disinformation campaigns related to health”. A grant from the Department of state proposes to issue organizations with experience “in countering Russian disinformation”.

the Russian Embassy in the United States criticized the idea of the state Department. “Even in a period of severe global epidemic, when we — and Russia and the United States — are losing thousands of citizens, and all would have to unite the efforts are focused on the search for an external enemy”, — stated in the message. Diplomats point out that the external enemy “is supposed to be guilt — totally or partially — for the shortcomings of their own authorities”.

the Financial Times may 12 reported that Russia underestimates the data on deaths in the result of infection with a coronavirus. According to the newspaper, the real number of deaths from COVID-19 in the country can be 70% more than the official statistics. Similar material was published and The New York Times.

meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said the Russian government has never manipulated the statistics on the coronavirus. She pointed out that in Russia the level of mortality from COVID-19 average of 7.6 times lower than in other countries.

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