In the United States has indicted all police officers detained over the death of an African-American Floyd

In the United States indicted the three cops involved in the arrest of an African-American George Floyd, which resulted in his death.

law enforcement officers accused of aiding and abetting murder, reports CNBC, citing a statement by the attorney General of the state of Minnesota Keith Ellison.

Officer Derek Chauvin, who at the time of detention pressed a knee on the throat of Floyd, has already been convicted of manslaughter in the second degree and murder in the third degree. Now he is also accused of second-degree murder.

Recall, Floyd was detained may 25, in the city of Minneapolis in Minnesota on suspicion of trying to pay with a counterfeit bill in a store. At the time of arrest one of the officers put his knee on his neck, and kept that way. Floyd lost consciousness, was hospitalized and died in intensive care. His death led to protests in the USA, which in some cities escalated into riots and pogroms.

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