In the United States Russian mafia in a fur hat and headdresses defended Pushkin restaurant from the crowd of protesters (photo)

a Group of strong men came to the defense of Russian restaurant in San Diego (CA), from the unrest that occurred after the murder by police of an African American in Minnesota.

the Institution which is called as Pushkin called the natives of Russia “his defenders”, and commentators with a sense of humor — the “Russian mafia”.

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Our defenders!

Publish from the Pushkin Russian Restaurant (@pushkinrestaurant)

2 Aug 2020 12:10 PDT

Recall that the protesters in the US demand a fair investigation into the death of a black George Floyd during the arrest of white police officers. In some places the protests escalated into clashes with police, arson and riots outlets and other places. As President, Donald trump can wrap the speech of the protesters to their advantage, read the article “Rosbalt”.

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