In the United States

In the United States this fall, presidential elections, and the media have already begun to discuss possible Russian attempts to influence the outcome of the vote. This writes the LA Times, citing experts, excerpts quoted by the new York times.

“Russian trolls have a direct effect not only on people’s behavior, for example, trying to control how people vote”, — analysts, which leads media. They indicate that to understand that the Russians are plotting, it is possible — it is enough to learn a little of what history teaches us. So, during the cold war the Soviet armed forces developed their own theories, including the theory of reflexive control, which assumes that people live in a polarized world of cooperation and conflict, and make decisions based on who they consider friends or enemies.

this is the theory, according to American experts, is the intellectual basis of the activities currently undertaken by Russia to interfere in elections and democracy. “The Russians are trying to throw information to distort the views and opinions”, “cause emotional reactions and to encourage people to ideological extremes”, to set them against each other, regardless of identity or political beliefs.

to counter this, you need to understand the principles of reflexive control, then we will be able to manage the process, analysts say. At the same time, technology companies have an obligation to eradicate Russian content in social networks and to take the necessary measures to ensure that their users are who they claim to be, experts stress.

Recall that in the U.S. in November presidential elections will take place. For the post will compete the current leader Donald trump and his rival from the democratic party, Joe Biden.

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