In the United States suspected Russian authorities in attempts to influence the outcome of the vote on the Constitution

At the State Department of the United States fear that the vote on constitutional amendments in Russia could meet cases of falticeni.

“We are concerned by the information about attempts of the Russian authorities to manipulate the election results. Disquieting reports of coercion of voters, the pressure on the opponents of the amendments and about the limitation of independent observers,” — said the representative office of Morgan Augustus.

According to the final counting of the CEC, that the Constitution was amended, voted almost 78% of Russians. The plebiscite, which had the form of a poll, not a referendum, stretched for a week. Voters could vote out of precinct, as well as in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region, remotely.

the Amendments were submitted to the vote package, one of them included “zeroing” presidential term for Vladimir Putin.

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