in Early may, Avengers: Endgame had already dethroned Titanic . It is no more than 50 million in the historical record of Avatar ($2.8 billion revenue). If the last-born of the saga of the super-hero finally manages to beat the record at the global box office, Marvel studios, a subsidiary of Disney, will be able to reward the loyalty of Agustin Alanis. The young man will put his. He went to see him 112 times in the cinema. Since the 22nd film of the film world Marvel lasts three hours, the inhabitant of Florida has spent 340 hours in dark rooms. And spent about $ 1,200.

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“I work ten hours, I watch Endgame two times each day of the week,” says, not without pride, Agustin Alanis on Twitter, without specifying, however, what profession he exercises. At the end of each of its sessions, the young man posts a selfie with the ticket and an employee of the cinema. Agustin Alanis only has to wait for the visit of the experts of the Guinness Book to register this strange record of screenings of the same film.

the bible of The performance of the wildest – and often the most nigaudes -, had not registered up to now “that” the figure of 103 views. A record registered in 2018 by an American with the film… Avengers: Infinity War, previous installment of the saga of super-heroes. This had earned him an invitation on the set of CNN and the nickname of”Infinity watcher”.

An army of super-fans

the Avengers has an army of fans ready to make any sacrifice. It must be said that the producers take care of their audience and multiply what the Americans call the “fan service” – a way of dredging up the fans by inserting in the films of the references to previous episodes or the Marvel universe. And to flatter them for their loyalty.

A strategy that has paid off: Avengers: Endgame has made a start with a bang upon its release at the end of April, smashing all records to rake over $ 1.2 billion at the end of its first weekend in theaters. On Wednesday, Agustin Alanis has put online its 112th photo, without specifying if he had push even the limits of performance. When an irreducible Abdellatif Kechiche ready to revive 100 times Mektoub My Love: Intermezzo , or 21 hours of oral sex in a toilet of night club?