In the US, killed his son and wounded husband judges involved in scandalous Affairs

In the US, the unknown shot and killed the son and wounded the husband of the judge, which led many high-profile cases.

according to WA Today, the tragedy occurred on July 19 in the house of the district judge Esther Salas in new Jersey. The malefactor was presented by the courier FedEx and shot 20-year-old boy and his father when they opened the door. The judge was in the basement and were not injured.

According to ABC News, Salas had previously received threats.

last week, a judge began considering a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank because of the Bank’s links with Jeffrey Epstein. One of the investors has accused Deutsche Bank that the organization is not controlled “risky” clients, including Epstein, who was accused of harassment and pedophilia. According to investigators, the 66-year-old billionaire was selling girls for sexual services which were used by politicians, financiers and teachers.

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