The road work started in February in the valley of the Dordogne to make a workaround for 3.5 kilometres around the village of Beynac will they be suspended? The associations opposed to this project for years have experienced a new breath of hope Wednesday, winning the first point before the Council of State. According to the collective let us Save the valley of the Dordogne (ASVD), the rapporteur of the public has pronounced in favour of “the cancellation of the order of the interim relief judge rejected the request for suspension of the execution of the decree concerning single authorisation for performance of the work”.

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The opponents had seized the high administrative court after having been rejected several times in the beginning of the year in their query against the permissions work. “It is a strong indicator of what may be the upcoming decision of the Council of State, as the formation of judgment follows the more often the conclusions of the rapporteur public”, say the representatives of the ASVD. They will be quickly fixed, the decisions of the Council of State that usually occurs a fortnight after the presentation of the findings of the rapporteurs public.

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For several years, the opposition is organized against this project led by the county council. Classified as Unesco, area of biodiversitée, the valley of the six castles is a tourist mecca.

The controversy was further exacerbated in September after the construction vehicles have degraded a basin of the gallo-roman period to Castelnaud-la – Chapelle in the Dordogne. Called to the rescue, Stéphane Bern had appealed to the arbitration of the head of State. In The new yorker , the facilitator was the indifference that surrounds this site. “It’s been months that I alert on the situation”. Until the president of the Republic himself. The presenter continues to demand “the immediate cessation of work”. In vain.

The associations of protection have multiplied the attempts to influence the decision of the county Council. “Save the valley of the Dordogne” have urged angry residents to visit the site several times. Wednesday, 20 September, are the policemen who came to evict them.

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Already in the month of July, Céline Lagarde-Cardona, one of the archaeologists of the department, had explained that only “an exceptional discovery as an amphitheatre” could prevent the conduct of the work. The opponents have asked for a more in-depth study of the site.

The project of discord

The goal of the diversion is to improve traffic conditions around the village of Beynac, a jewel of the Perigord. The president of the county Council, Germinal Peiro, wants to make the road safer and faster.

For opponents, the project is unnecessary and destructive, as much as the traffic jams of Beynac is no longer topical. They want to proof the findings of a study conducted in August 2018 after the widening of the existing road.