In those areas, and found coins minted in the Golden Horde

In “new Moscow” in the territory of the two villages on the banks of a Small Pine, the experts have found more than a thousand subjects were the XIV–XIX centuries. Including pectoral crosses, and coins, and pieces of jewelry.

the Territory of settlements, which archaeologists conduct excavations, until the XVI century was part of the Great knyajestva Moscow, and after Moscow uyezd, Moscow province of the Russian Empire.

the Greatest historical value among the found artifacts, according to experts, are two coins of the white metal. Perhaps they could be minted in the Golden Horde in the late XIV — early XV centuries. Their presence in those areas, and experts explain the fact that along the old Kaluga roads was a settlement of the peasants who worked the representatives of the Golden Horde in the Grand Duchy of Moscow.

According to the head of the Department of cultural heritage of Alexey Emelyanov, now everyone finds learning professionals. After them will be restored and will give to the funds of one of the capital’s archaeological Museum.

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