In Tikhvin in the Bush found the coffin

the Old tomb covered with moss, in the undergrowth found the inhabitants of Tikhvin in the Leningrad region. A photograph published by a local resident in group “Vkontakte” “Overheard Tikhvin”.

the picture shows a moss-covered structure resembling a coffin in the bushes near the cemetery fence, overgrown with grass,

“What is it?” — asked the author of the photo.

” Actually, it’s a zinc coffin,” he answered her in the comments.

“There’s an inscription on the side. But all is not visible…..The Lieutenant and Kar…” — tried to read one of the users.

“It’s a coffin, 80-90 years, like there was a reason dug. It’s some kind of sacrilege,” commented another.

Users said that if a closed coffin lies, we are talking about the desecration of burial, and should ask the administration of the cemetery and law enforcement agencies.

“The more zinc in the military. If it is empty, it is possible reburial or disinterment, but it wasn’t supposed to throw in the bushes,” says one of the commentators.

Last fall, the “Rosbalt” was informed that in the Petersburg Park Sosnovka found a red coffin.

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