In time the taken measures have allowed Moscow to save thousands of patients with COVID-19

In Moscow, measures to combat COVID-19 and the willingness of the doctors have saved thousands of lives, said today the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.He said that in hospitals, designed for the treatment of coronavirus, was rescued by 65 thousands of critically ill patients in different stages. Many of them, said the mayor, was in intensive care. “It’s a huge, enormous work. Health workers tirelessly all day and night, not sparing their health and sometimes life, fought for the salvation of citizens”, — said Sobyanin, adding that every seriously ill were secured by a system of artificial ventilation, the intensive care unit. “We have not had a single day would be a shortage of beds in intensive care. Moreover, we have preparation, even in the primary stages of outpatient care was excluded a huge number of people, helping them, and they did not reach the serious condition”, — said the mayor. Now the city involved only a quarter of hospital beds, deployed previously for patients with coronavirus. A daily detection COVID-19 in the capital has decreased three to four times of the peak values, said Sobyanin. According to him, in Moscow, the spread of the infection was pretty smooth. The mortality rate in the Russian capital, Sobyanin noted, less than in many other cities around the world. So, in Moscow all the time of a pandemic health, including inpatient, assistance was provided in full, any resident with the indications for hospitalization it was not refused, and the hospitals were always free beds for patients with suspected coronavirus. Moreover, the intensive care beds were not used by more than two-thirds. According to the head physician of city clinical hospital № 15 named after Filatov Valery Vechorko, even at the peak of the pandemic coronavirus was enough capacity for patients rescue. For all the time of a pandemic, he added, was the availability of beds, including intensive care. With increasing the flow of patients developed additional hospital bed capacityI. the Chief physician of city station of emergency medical aid named Puchkova Nikolai plavunov said that the Ambulance with the first day of occurrence of threat of distribution COVID-19 operates in the mode of increased readiness. Patients in need of hospitalization, would receive help even in the most intense. According to Platonova was developed special regulations and algorithms for the ambulance staff. “Without attention, there is not a single patient: we advised, clarified the condition treated at home, drove to CT in CT centers, and, of course, was hospitalized in the case of medical necessity. Perhaps we would like to note that thanks to the timely restructuring of hospitals, the opening of the new, the inclusion of Federal and private clinics in a single system, we have always had the ability to hospitalize the patient in case of medical need,” said Nikolai plavunov. Add that the city professionals the world’s first made and published the Atlas of the severe, often irreversible pathological changes in the organs of the dead from COVID-19. It can help you better understand what else can affect the patient’s condition. Such an Atlas — it’s called “Pathological anatomy of the lungs at COVID-19” — available on the website Destava Moscow. Clinical Committee COVID-19 the Moscow health Department recommends it to all physicians for use in practice. We will remind, on may 27, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation approved the guidelines for coding in the statistics of morbidity COVID-19, as well as the original cause in the mortality statistics due to coronavirus infection. According to the recommendations of the Ministry of health of citizens who are diagnosed with the coronavirus, but no complaints, it is not necessary to include in official statistics on the incidence of COVID-19. The Ministry of health recommended to always specify the coronavirus in the cause of death of a patient who died from complications of the disease.

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