In TMS warned about changes in the traffic pattern at the South-West of Moscow

the crossroads of disaster, where Michurinsky and Lomonosovsky prospect, July 20, it will change the pattern of movement. A left turn from the Michurinsky Prospekt Lomonosovskiy on when driving in the centre cancel. Motorists will be able to turn around 200 meters from that intersection.

In the Center of traffic organization explained that drivers often inadvertently violated traffic rules, driving on forbidding signal of the traffic light. Only in the last two years there were more than a thousand of such cases. At this intersection 2017 there has been a 21 accident, people were killed.

Cancellation of rotation will help to reduce the number of conflict points, making the passage of this intersection safer and more comfortable. Additionally, by changing the operating mode of the traffic lights, buses and trolley buses will pass this intersection is 12% faster.

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