In Tomsk declared a strike in the aliens detention centre

In the temporary detention centre in Tomsk went on strike foreigners.

according to TV2, the action was attended by about 40 foreign nationals: they went out into the courtyard of the institution and refuse to go back to the room.

One in CVS, a citizen of Armenia Edgar Grigoryan said that he lived in Tomsk 10 years, but overstayed the check-in for 5 months and now will be expelled from the country. Before that, the man was placed in the VAB, where he is from 4 March. To leave the center he can not, but also to fly to Armenia, too, — because of the coronavirus borders remain closed. “Living seven in one room for 15 squares, but only in the center of about 40 people. And, these problems throughout Russia,” — said a man.

“We have been deprived of freedom, although even in criminal cases is probation. Why are we not letting go? — outraged Edgar. — We are ready though every day to check in. I have a son, he a few days will be the year. I have five months of not seeing my son grow.”

Earlier, the Chairman of the regional Public oversight Commission Ivan Shevelev expressed concerns that the Center for up to 48 people, will soon overflow. “Never in my memory never had such a tense situation. That is hard psychologically. People just don’t understand what will happen to them in the future. And someone is sitting here already half a year. In connection with the quarantine the countries that had them to buy tickets and accompany, do not. Many in Russia have families, and they do not understand, why not let them live with their families for the duration of quarantine under recognizance not to leave. We will write about it in the parent organization in order to solve this problem,” — said Shevelev.

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