The film “can and should” raise awareness to the fight against climate change. This is what was argued Wednesday at the Toronto film Festival (Tiff), the Spanish actor Javier Bardem, who came to present world premiere of his documentary Sanctuary, which follows it in the Antarctic with the NGO Greenpeace.

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Shot in the past year, the film follows Bardem and his brother Carlos as they accompany a mission to the white continent of the environmental organisation, which is campaigning for the area’s sanctuarisée and preserved from any human activity. The expedition to the Antarctic has even led the Oscar in 2008 for best supporting actor in a mini-submarine, with a capacity of two people, in order to collect on the bottom of the ocean of samples to demonstrate the ravages of global warming and overfishing.

“Fortunately I’m not claustrophobic… it was like being in an egg for Kinder!”, a-t-he told AFP from Toronto. Fierce defender of the environment, he had called three weeks ago in New York, in a vibrant advocacy at the united Nations headquarters, the signing of an international treaty to protect the oceans of the planet.

The Little mermaid version green

“Our oceans are at breaking point and we are all in part responsible,” he said at the tribune of the united nations, calling on the representatives of the international organization to act “here and now”. But, he insisted at the canadian festival, Hollywood “also has the potential to reach millions of people” to accelerate the transition to a world that is more respectful of the environment.

Recently, in discussions with Disney for a remake of The Little mermaid , in which he would play king Triton, Javier Bardem has insisted that director Rob Marshall in order to add a message ecologist in the film, he told AFP. “It is necessary to take advantage of this wonderful and beautiful story (Hans Christian) Andersen to integrate the pollution of the oceans” in the plot, has been argued by Mr. Bardem. “We can reach millions and millions of young people … this is what this kind of movies could and should do,” he estimated.

Rob Marshall was “very open” to this suggestion, according to Javier Bardem, even if convince the giant of the american entertainment who produced the film is another matter: “It is a big machinery, it is not the author (…) It is Disney”.