In Transbaikalia from-for flashes Achs have destroyed 1,2 thousand pigs

In three villages in Zabaykalsky Krai for the prevention of African swine fever had destroyed all the livestock.

As reported in the regional government, in villages Ukir, Mansiyskoe and Sonoi Krasnochikoyskoe district was alienated by the whole herd of pigs.

Destroyed 1 THD 213 pigs seized 3.6 thousand kg of meat products, said the chief veterinary officer of the region Andrey lim.

the threat of the ASF area prohibits the import of live pigs, the sale and purchase of pork, holding village fairs and exhibitions, etc.

African swine fever Outbreak occurred on July 14 in the villages Ukir and Menza. Presumably, the virus was brought from the wild environment.

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