In Turkmenistan accused of lying to the U.S. Embassy for the message in the country COVID-infected

In the Turkmen foreign Ministry called in a false report of US diplomats on the situation of the coronavirus in the country.

Information about what the inhabitants of the Turkmen Ashgabat with symptoms COVID-19 are tested for coronavirus and placed on 14-day quarantine in an infectious disease clinic, is “fake information”, said the foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan. It noted “the inconsistency and bias, this kind of information “fakes”,” cites “Interfax”.

Turkmen side “with regular briefings provides comprehensive information on the measures taken by Turkmenistan to prevent infectious diseases,” added the Minister, adding that in these meetings, the U.S. side did not participate.

earlier, on the website of the U.S. Embassy in Ashgabat had been published, stating that the people who are tested for COVID-19 in Turkmenistan, can be sent to compulsory quarantine for an indefinite time chosen by the authorities of the institution at his own expense and without respect to domestic facilities.

Add Turkmen authorities have not officially reported confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in the country.

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