In Ufa have detained the opponent building out over the past cracked houses

In the capital of Bashkortostan detained activist who tried to protest the point building.

As reported, at the house № 5 on the street of Shota Rustaveli is construction of a new high-rise buildings, however, according to residents, the construction led to cracks in the wall of their house.

According to the newspaper Wednesday, the activist Alla Yakovlev, who lives in a crumbling house, tried to approach the head of the Republic of radium Habirov, opened the fountain, but the guard and took her to the patrol car.

Yakovlev recorded a video message to Habirov calling to help and guide a new public discussion on the construction of high-rise buildings.

With the start of construction, according to residents, the wall of the house No. 5 went crack, and it is noticeable already inside the apartment. Authorities in response to residents ‘ complaints claim that the crack was formed in 2012 and is not associated with the ongoing construction.

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