In Ufa the police contracted to the campground defrauded investors

In Ufa defrauded real estate investors LCD “Milovskaya Park” declared termless protest action and camped on the site. However, the place began to gather by the police.

according to about 15 of defrauded co-investors of residential complex set up camp and soup kitchen. They need to finish the paid for housing.

More from 2013 to 2017 OOO “Jilstrojinvest” got the money for the construction of more than 1.5 thousand people, but about 1.2 thousand people have not seen the apartments. Against three company executives were prosecuted for fraud and tax evasion, and “Jilstrojinvest” was by the court declared bankrupt.

Shareholders are reminded that they promised in the spring to resume construction with the advent of heat, but it never happened: “We are forced to live in tents because there is nowhere else to live! All summer will be here. With the onset of cold weather, probably have to move into is not rented apartment.”

Investors are also calling for the head of Bashkiria of Radium habirova to come to their camp.

meanwhile, as reported to the place of the action drove police vehicles.

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