In Ukraine detained ex-the employee of SBU who were accused of the murder of the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko

the security Service of Ukraine detained a former law enforcement officer Andrew Baydala, call “the Swede”, UNIAN reports.

In June last year pravoohranitelnye bodies of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic has extended the information Baydala was named a member of the Department of counterintelligence of SBU, allegedly organized the murder of the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko.

However, Ukraine ex-security official arrested on suspicion not of this crime, and for nezakonnoe handling of weapons and ammunition. As a measure of restraint concerning it is selected detention.

Alexander Zakharchenko died 31 August 2018 as a result of explosion in the center of Donetsk. The DNR immediately declared a murder committed urkainskih spetsslujbami. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case “on signs of structure of the crime provided by part 3 of article 361 of the criminal code (an act of international terrorism that resulted in the killing of a person)”. According to the SBU, the attempt on Zakharchenko was the result of internal conflicts among the leadership of the breakaway Republic associated with the redistribution of business.

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