In Ukraine found the Russian

Russia places on passing on Black sea pipelines elements of the sonar weapons. This is stated in the article, Defence Express about the results of Ukrainian research in the field of defense.

Moscow is said to creates secret “submarine base” in order to “total control over the Black sea and migrate an upcoming confrontation, not only in space but under water.” Research data on the Russian project was obtained through the ex-commander of the naval forces (naval forces) of Ukraine Sergey Gayduk, the newspaper notes.

So, in the sea at the beginning of 2019 set a new Russian sonar system MGK-608. He is able to find enemy weapons within a radius of 200 km, say in the Ukraine. The Russians, according to Kiev, continue to deploy “Rationality ВГ5” to the command center in Novorossiysk. In this case, the objects of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”, according to the material, the system “Delta MHA”, they can be placed on the “Blue stream”.

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