In Ukraine in the case of the launch of the second line of the Turkish stream predict a decrease of gas transit by 25%

the company “the Operator of Ukraine’s GTS” (OHTSU) suggests that this year the transit of Russian gas through the territory of the country from 52 to 55 billion cubic metres when booked 65 billion cubic meters.

“We attribute this reduction with the launch of the “Turkish stream”, which Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and since last month, Romania has started to receive gas from Russia,” — said General Director OHTSU Sergey Makogon.

Makogon admits that in the case of a launch in 2021 and the second line of the Turkish stream, the transit through Ukraine of Russian “blue fuel” can be reduced by another 15 billion cubic meters.

the Current contract between OHTSU and Gazprom, signed on 30 December 2019, involves the transit in 2020 at least 65 billion cubic meters of Russian gas — 178 million cubic meters per day. In the next four years, the transit must be at least 40 billion cubic meters, and is paid a guaranteed minimum, even if the Russian side transferred a smaller amount.

this year, marks “Interfax-Ukraine”, “Gazprom” pays for transit capacity booked, which in fact is used only by 78%.

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