Venice heaved a sigh of relief Monday in the aftermath of an accident narrowly avoided, involving once again a cruise ship giant, which is passed to a whisker of a yacht. The Costa Deliziosa, measuring nearly 300 metres long and able to take nearly 3,000 passengers, was coming out of the lagoon of Venice in very bad weather -rain and strong wind – pulled by tugs, according to a video published by the artist and writer venetian Roberto Ferrucci on his site.

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The ship was abducted, probably by the storm, to a yacht docked not far from the place Saint-Marc, that it has almost touched, causing panic on board. The members of the crew of the yacht, a great boat, fifty metres away, but seeming very small on the side of the ship, rushed to the dock, reported the agency ACTED. The tug’s bow was able, however, to move away from the Costa Deliziosa of the yacht and guide them to the exit of the lagoon without any other problem.

Two accidents in five weeks

This incident occurred five weeks after an accident involving a different cruise ship, which had been four minor injuries. The victim of an engine breakdown, the MSC Opera , which can carry nearly 2.680 passengers and sailed on the Giudecca canal, had struck at the beginning of June, a wharf and a tourist boat in wanting to moor up.

video images Of fans posted on Twitter had showed tourists run away in front of the ship is 275 meters, with 13 decks, which raclait the quay of the long, roaring engines.

These accidents have rekindled sharp criticism that has swept the Serenissima about the damage inflicted to the site and its fragile ecosystem by these giants of the seas that sail so close to shore that their chimneys were silhouetted behind the spires and bridges of the city.

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The liners are accused by the defenders of the environment contribute to the erosion of the foundations of the city, so that it and its lagoon are listed as a Unesco heritage site. Italy has adopted in November 2017, a development plan of the lagoon to sustain the gainful activity of the cruise ships changing their course.

In the long term, thanks to the construction of a new marine terminal, the cruise ships will no longer be able to cross the lake city via the Giudecca canal, which runs along the place Saint-Marc. “I have already ordered an inspection to control what happened in Venice,” responded Monday by the minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Danilo Toninelli, on his page Facebook.

“The time of waiting is finished. We are very angry. This is enough with the ship to St. Mark’s and the Giudecca canal”

Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice

“The third tug that we have imposed has been crucial to avoid the accident, but this is not enough. After fifteen years of empty, we are close to a solution to eliminate the large ships of Saint-Marc. And we will do this by protecting safety, the environment, tourism and employment,” promised the minister from the Movement 5 stars.

Danilo Toninelli could “go down in history as the “minister of disaster” that has crippled one of the departments with the most strategic for the growth of the country”, said Roberto Morassut, responsible for infrastructure in the democratic Party (PD, center left), the main opposition party.

The minister was also the target of the mayor’s right-hand side of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro. “The main responsibility for what happened yesterday and what might happen in the future is that which has nothing decided in recent months,” he blasted, aiming for Danilo Toninelli. “The time of waiting is finished. We are very angry. This is enough with the ship to St. Mark’s and the Giudecca canal. The minister Toninelli vienna as quickly as possible say to the institutions of citizens, the results of the nth control as he ordered,” concluded the mayor.