In Vietnam found unexplored and aggressive strain of the coronavirus

the resorts of da Nang in Vietnam the export of 80 thousand tourists in connection with the second wave of coronavirus. Over the past five days the region has occurred four cases of infections a new type of agent, COVID-19.

According to authorities, this strain is more dangerous than previously known. Two of the infected people needed the artificial lung ventilation (ALV).

In this regard, the Russian Embassy asked the countrymen not to travel to the Central regions of Vietnam. Apparently, the warning is addressed to the Russians, who are already abroad, because the flights to Vietnam from Russia is not yet committed.

Later it became known that the number of people infected with the aggressive strain has increased from four to 11.

Add that meanwhile in China, the entire population of 6 million Dalian city in Liaoning province quickly test for the coronavirus. The measure related to the outbreak at the plant for processing of seafood. To reach out to the people analysis of government plans in four days.

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