In Volgograd entrepreneurs throw a ton of vegetables

In the Volgograd cases of illegal disposal of rotten vegetables.

according to V1.RU recently citizens in the floodplain of the river Mechetka found abandoned several tons of onions, carrots and other vegetables. “I have the feeling that some kind of vegetable base decided to get rid of stale vegetables,” suggested discovered and photographed the bags with roots volgogradets.

Today, there, in the floodplain Mechetti threw about a ton of spoiled onions in bags. “At the same time piled them so “successfully” that get them and take to a legal dump would be extremely problematic,” said the eyewitness, who also photographed what he saw.

the first time officials have stated that it is not found the dump, now promise that a new liquidated “as identification”.

Recall that earlier, similar cases have been recorded in the Kuban farmers threw a radish. As explained by a local farmer, the vegetables are gathered for a particular customer, but he never arrived item, and another buyer could not be found. In the end, 20 tons of potatoes had to be thrown in the forest belt.

In a similar situation another farmer with radish — it had to be thrown on the field as fertilizer.

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