The music go-go, derived from the funk and who is to Washington what the country is in Nashville, has become in recent weeks the standard of the unlikely event of a movement of resistance to the gentrification creeping of the u.s. capital, a city historically black. Driven by the song playing on the sidewalk, a young woman with braids endless sketch instinctively a few dance steps while waiting to cross.

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A musical interlude impromptu at the crossroads of two worlds: the “Broadway in black” in Washington, its jazz clubs, its hot-dogs in chile and its vestiges of segregation, and the bars hipsters of craft beers, scooters electric, and modern housing, “condo”, as The Shay. “Modern. Vibrant, promises huge tarp pulled on a facade of this luxurious complex of apartments, at the foot of which has been added a graffiti nuances: “gentrification is genocide.”

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