In Yekaterinburg, a makeshift monument

In the Ural capital on Saturday there was an art object, “in honor of determined people”, who defended the deforestation of the Park for construction of an Orthodox Church. The installation in coordination with the authorities of Yekaterinburg established the Bank “Point”.

However, “the monument” the defenders of green space not stood for a long time, said the head of the press service of the financial company Alexander Prytkova. A bright object, resembling a fallen fence, removed arrived workers.

Art object “Point” is already dismantled. Arrived KAMAZ and trying to pull a “fence” from the lawn.

— It’s My City (@itsmycityekb) August 1, 2020

“Point” was going to write a statement to the police about dismantling, but later changed his mind in the hope of “the most peaceful” dialogue with the city, writes It’s My City.

Mass protests were held in Ekaterinburg in the spring of 2019 because of the plans for the destruction of the Park near the Drama theatre. Residents stopped to rebel after the authorities promised that the temple of the Russian Orthodox Church will be erected in another place.