In Yekaterinburg, the artist draped a street mirror to the soul of the old Constitution left quietly

well-Known in Ekaterinburg Roma Ink artist decided to hold a rally in connection with the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution.

As reported in the community of Street Art Hunter, the artist draped the mirror in several pavilions of black cloth for mourning folk traditions.

“the Soul of the deceased to the Constitution for 40 days still resides in our world. He turned to look at herself in the mirror she might want to stay on,” said the artists.

last year, Roma Ink has created a series of graffiti depicting tombstones with inscriptions “freedom of speech”, “freedom of Assembly” and “freedom of religion”. He explained that this is not painted with protest graffiti because he was “difficult to work with the negative.” “But everything is the limit. This is a direct statement, without jokes, without irony,” explained the artist.

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