In Yekaterinburg, the protest action participants tried to discourage police detained a man with a dog (video)

In Yekaterinburg, the police started to detain participants of the action of solidarity with the channel.

As reported, several dozen residents gathered outside city hall to support the protesters the residents of Khabarovsk. In the end, as the “New Day”, police decided to detain one of the participants, who have come to share with the dog. In response, other citizens began to try to defend the man, but under the curse it was put in a police van. The dog remains one of the protesters — an attempt men to contact the police so that he can be allowed to go into the office with the pet, did not bring success. Police also tried to detain the woman, but apparently eventually left her alone.

As follows from the report of the correspondent of the newspaper “New day” in the Telegram, then participants stood in front of the paddy wagon “human shield”. But with the help of police and commandos still took the man.

the Publication does not explain what was the reason for the detention of the participant.

Now, the participants came to the area in 1905. Passing drivers honk in support.

we will Remind that it already the second detention in Yekaterinburg on today’s action. Previously, there were detained the driver of the van, 48-year-old car wash owner Nikolay Ulitin, who a week riding around town with agitation in his car: “the Citizens are not devils, Khabarovsk, not trash, we are the children of heroes” and “Khabarovsk respect of the Urals”. On Saturday, he parked the van in the Parking lot at the square of 1905. At first, the police drove to the van with the two sides “Paz” and “Gazelle”, having tried probably close the survey on banners. Then the driver of the minibus overtook the car to another Parking space. After that he was asked to show documents, and then detained without explanation.