In Yekaterinburg transferred in court business about domestic violence because of the economy on oil in terms of

Yekaterinburg will stand trial for threatening murder his ex-wife because she bought cheap oil, when the two roommates were left without income.

As have informed “Rosbaltu” the representative of the victim, the lawyer Anastasia Pakhtusov, collaborating with the human rights organization “Area law”, the case will consider the justice of the peace of precinct No. 6 of Verkh-Isetsky regional court.

Recall that the couple decided after the divorce to restore relations, but in the period of the “regime of isolation” they were left without income. The woman took a Bank loan of 150 thousand roubles and has decided to cut family spending. “So I bought the oil for $ 100, knowing that it would be a scandal, and for 29 rubles,” — said the victim.

a Drunken man, being indignant with poor quality of product, began to beat and choke him. The victim of domestic violence managed to run out of the apartment and call the police. For beating it decided to punish for administrative article 6.1.1 of the administrative code (assault), and for threatening murder — criminal part 1 of article 119 of the criminal code (threat to kill).

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