In Yekaterinburg, was hospitalized famous children's writer Krapivin — he's in intensive care

Playwright Vladislav Krapivin was in the hospital in Yekaterinburg is in a serious condition he is in intensive care. This was reported by “MK” referring to relatives of the writer.

Krapivin was diagnosed with pneumonia. Whether the 81-year-old writer coronavirus, are unknown. Test results the family had not yet announced. Friends of the writer said that he adhered to self-imposed isolation, never been out. At the same time, RIA “Novosti” writes that the daughter of writer Larisa Krapivina had coronavirus from 5 June to 6 July, but since then has not been in close contact with the father.

the Famous writer Vladislav Krapivin was in intensive care:

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Krapivin became widely known after the publication of his works “Squire porridge”, “the Boy with the sword”, “Flight “Orion”.

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