In Yekaterinburg was released of police officers accused of rape

a Court in Yekaterinburg has released from-under house arrest police officers accused of rape.

according with reference to the lawyer Alexey Bashmakov, Vadim Moustafine, Andrew Bessarabova and Vyacheslav Tropine forbidden to communicate with each other, with witnesses and the victim.

According to the defender, the girl is experiencing psychological pressure from the fact that the security forces at large. In addition, the lawyer of one of the defendants threatened the girl with expulsion because she had no registration.

protection of a police officer trying to retrain a case of rape to consensual sex — supposedly a 22-year-old native of Kazakhstan, “provided sexual services”.

According to investigators, in August 2019 the police detained the girl, put her in the service of UAZ and then raped her.

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