In Zheleznogorsk there was a mass infection with coronavirus cadets MOE

In Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Krai outbreak of coronavirus occurred in the Academy of the Ministry of emergency situations.

Head of interregional Department № 51 of FMBA of Russia Vladimir Blokhin said that of the 95 second-year cadets at 43 there are clinical signs of SARS, four were hospitalized with confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus, and the rest are contact. Three are in clinical hospital No. 51, the rest are undergoing treatment at the Academy.

According to Blokhin, the entire course will be in isolation for another eight days. The first course with the second no contact and now young people are houses.

in Total, as reported in the city administration, coronavirus in Zheleznogorsk was identified in 399 people and 276 people had recovered.

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