Independent Petersburg theaters accused the Governor of neglecting

the City Committee for culture has posted in open access a list of nonprofit cultural organizations that rely on subsidies this year. The list does not included the majority of private theaters of St. Petersburg, and their leaders appealed to the Governor with an open letter. The text of the appeal published in the magazine “Teatral”.

the Authors note that previous holders of grants annually, more than 30 independent theaters, but this year aid was received only 7 teams. Without the financial support left the theater KUKFO, Karlsson Haus, theater “Osobnyak” Theatre post theatre Litsedei, Engineering theatre AKHE, Chamber theatre Malyschitsky, and others.

“We counted on the promised support of our teams, but yesterday it became known that the independent theaters of the city are deprived of this support.

Dozens of theaters, which for decades existed in St. Petersburg, has received numerous awards and prizes local and national festivals, participated in urban projects, working in particular on maintaining the reputation of St. Petersburg as the cultural capital of Russia, facing imminent death,” write the authors of the letter.

the managers of the theatres note that had income only from ticket sales, but were regularly launched projects to support socially vulnerable layers of the population: reduced tickets for pensioners and orphanages.

the Authors of the address remind that many expenses they are now can not pay: utilities, rent, salaries of the actors and staff.

“In fact of our past treatment of you, Alexander, instructed the Committee on culture to consider the appeal of independent theatres. It was about the establishment of a reserve Fund to support city organizations previously receiving a significant portion of funds through income from ticket sales. The Committee on culture promised, while maintaining the subsidy, in order to seek the possibility of providing additionalExecutive operational support to theaters,” they write in the letter.

the managers of the theatres I remember that six month the culture Committee collected information on the monthly costs of institutions, number of staff and non-staff personnel, repertoire, requested a large number of references. In the end no support was rendered.

“We regard this as contempt for their work,” concludes the letter.

Recall that in early July the first Deputy Chairman of Committee on culture Alexander Voronko claimed that NGOs in the field of culture in St. Petersburg will receive from the city additional financial support totaling to $ 166.5 million. He noted that in the registry of the city about 60 non-governmental theatres, and this year will support at least half of them.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote, under what conditions in St. Petersburg will be able to earn the theaters.

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