The owner allegedly wrote that young women were taught a Particular negative behaviour by their mothers

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A candy store at Indiana recently went viral following its proprietor used a post about Facebook about hiring to port a few of the problems he has had with previous workers. From the article, he allegedly attributed among those negative behaviours mainly to women, which induced some social networking users to react to accusations of sexism.

The Facebook webpage for Good’s Candy Shop at Anderson has seemingly been deleted.

According to the information socket, after describing that the store’s motto was”work hard, be fine,” the store’s owner continued the article by whining about different kinds of people he has had to cope with as workers.

He allegedly complained about whiners, complainers and idle workers while also producing nicknames to different kinds of employees, like roamers, hiders and controls.

The article took an unexpected twist, but when it started describing a kind of employee that the proprietor calls splitters. Apparently, the proprietor uses this nickname for the sort of employee that attempts to divide people apart.

According to the information outlet, he followed up by explaining the behaviour was mostly seen in young women, who had been taught to act this way by their own moms. Later in the article, he said boys were prone to duke it out.

Consumers on Facebook allegedly reacted by calling the article, and the store’s proprietor, sexist. Many users allegedly commented that the proprietor did not come around as a fantastic boss to work for.

The store’s owner, Randy Good, reacted to the backlash by apologizing to the language employed in a few of the answers on the store’s Facebook webpage, the Herald Bulletin reports. He reportedly said he believed the article was benign and he believed everybody had undergone the behaviours he had been whining about.