Indignant Petrosyan has filed a lawsuit against Koklyushkin for the condemnation of the young wife

people’s artist of the RSFSR and the author of the program “Smehopanorama” Yevgeny Petrosyan, who had married his 31-year-old assistant Tatiana Brownboy, an affront recent statement of his friend, satirist Viktor Koklyushkin that the young wife does not suit him.

Koklyushkin previously noticed that the 74-year-old Petrosyan stopped appearing on TV and linked it with his new young wife. The satirist also expressed the view that Brukhanova not suitable Petrosyan.

As it turned out, these words angered Petrosian. Petrosyan’s lawyer Sergei Zhorin told the portal StarHit that the court filed a suit about protection of honor and dignity. “We decided not to leave this moment with impunity, and to protect Tatiana. These phrases are clearly insults, as they are aimed at humiliation of honor and dignity”, — said the Zhorin.

Specifies that Koklyushkina faces a fine of several hundred thousand rubles.

media reported that the wedding took place in early December 2019. Recently, reporters learned that the couple do not live together but in different apartments in a luxury residential complex “Garden quarters”.

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