Infectious disease: Re-emergence of the coronavirus will not be

the New coronavirus will acquire the shape of the seasonal cold or seasonal flu. The opinion was expressed by the main infectious diseases of the Federal medical-biological Agency, head of Department of infectious diseases and epidemiology rnsmu. Pirogov Vladimir Nikiforov.

he predicted that a new surge in the incidence COVID-19 will be no more. “We will parabolae, and he parasiticide, and in the end, we each other will sivensa,” said Nikiforov, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

the Specialist noted that “the coronavirus came to us for a long time, he’s not going anywhere and he won’t self-destruct”. As a second possible scenario of the situation with coronavirus Nikiforov cited a return COVID-19 in autumn, and Babysitting for the summer.

Just today in Russia revealed 783 328 thousand cases of coronavirus. For the entire period died 12 thousand 580 people.

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