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Infectious disease: the plague does not threaten Russians

Infectious disease: the plague does not threaten Russians

the Main infectious diseases of FMBA of Russia Vladimir Nikiforov commented on the statement by the Deputy Director of the National center for the study of zoonotic diseases, Mongolia Bandiougou of Amgalanbaatar that borders Russia, there is the risk of the spread of bubonic plague.

“the Plague, the Mongols and the Chinese always have been and always will be”, — said the radio station “Moscow speaking” the head of the Department of infectious diseases and epidemiology NIMU Pirogov.

According to him, Russia is “scary for one simple reason, because we have where people are not found”. Infectious diseases also said that even in Mongolia itself, the outbreak of bubonic plague was recorded in sparsely populated areas.

in addition, according to Nikiforov, a person once infected with plague is easy to cure — in contrast to the COVID-19 she’s responding to therapy.

Earlier it was reported that the bubonic plague was discovered at cattleman’s in the city of Bayan Nur in China, as well as two people in the West of Mongolia.

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