Inhabitants of Murino

the Inhabitants of Murino reported threats from intruders. Unknown suggested the owners to pay off the damages on vehicles. About it eyewitnesses reported in the group Vkontakte “Devyatkino LIVE | Murino”.

“Cut the tires, scratch the paint? Easy!!!” — reads the title of the paper announcements received by the driver.

As the attacker, he “was frequently in prison”, and therefore offers a “distinguished owner of the car” to make a “voluntary one time fee” 999 rubles on QIWI-a purse. Attached and the contacts of the phone.

“In the comments or SMS to this number be sure to specify the make and full number of your lovely car. Thanks in advance for your understanding,” follows from the ads.

Users in social networks remember that this type of fraud is practiced for several years. Someone suggested to go to the police, and someone “pay and sleep”.

“Began throughout Russia, it is the fruit of isolation, loss of wages,” wrote the young man.

Earlier in St. Petersburg, there was a curious case. Two strangers invited 81-year-old pensioner to remove the damage. The elderly woman agreed and eventually paid 900 thousand rubles. Fraudsters have disappeared, is checked.

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