“I think we have reached the best possible agreement in a situation that is very tense for the insurance world,” Bruno Le Maire told a press conference after a working meeting. with the heads of the insurance and mutual insurance sectors.

“We are experiencing an exceptional year in terms of climate claims”, with already 5.2 billion euros recorded for the January-August period against 3.5 billion euros per year on average since 2017, but “we share the ambition of the minister who is to help fight for purchasing power”, for her part declared Florence Lustman, the president of France Assureurs, the federation of the sector. Inflation reached 5.9% year on year in August.

Concretely, the insurers have undertaken to ensure that the inflation index for the cost of insurance, calculated by INSEE, remains lower than the inflation index for 2022 and 2023, which does not exclude that certain contracts for certain customers increase more quickly, in particular “to take into account the behavior of each individual”, specified Mr. Le Maire.

The sector has also promised the delivery of a car check of 100 euros for unemployed people under 25 years of age.

Other “individual commitments” from companies, aimed at the most vulnerable audiences, should follow “in the days and weeks to come”, also declared Ms. Lustman.

Discussions that should lead to the abolition of the green sticker in car insurance or greater use of reused parts for repairs, two levers identified to reduce costs for insurers, will also continue.

Summoned last Tuesday by Bercy, the bankers had for their part committed not to increase their prices by more than 2% next year and to increase to one euro per month, instead of three euros, their offer dedicated to fragile public , a gesture however coldly received by consumer associations.