Investigators conducted a search in apartment of the mother of Peter Verzilova

Insurance investigators raided the apartment of the mother of the participant of Pussy Riot and the publisher of “media zones” Pyotr Verzilov in the case of failure to notify of dual citizenship. As told Verzilov “Rain”, investigators seized his old passport and documents. We will remind, on the eve of Peter Verzilova opened a criminal case on failure to perform duty to serve notice of the presence of foreign citizenship. As noted by “the Media”, father Peter Verzilova lived in Canada, and he studied there at the school, and then got canadian citizenship. According to Verzilova, the summons for questioning was signed by the investigator for particularly important cases, the General-major Rustam Gabdulin, who led the “Moscow” and “bolotnoye” case. Clarifies that Verzilov issued a recognizance not to leave.

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