Iranian Authorities have refused to disclose the cause of the fire at one of the nuclear facilities at Natanz. As informs Agency Associated Press, the country’s leadership stated that it was decided to make “security reasons”.

“the causes and character of incident (fire at Natanz — ed.) will be announced not now, but in due time,” — said the representative of the Supreme national security Council of Iran, Keyvan Khosravi, his quotes to the media.

we will Remind, on June 2 at the nuclear facility in Iran was set on fire. Media, citing satellite imagery wrote that the fire occurred at the new plant for the Assembly of centrifuges. It was noted that emergency supposedly responsible group, which “consists of underground, being in opposition, former members of the security forces of Iran.” The Iranian authorities have not confirmed information, but promised to take retaliatory measures if this fact will be proven.

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