Iran has promised to answer US to intercept your liner

Tehran will take retaliatory measures in connection with the incident in Syrian airspace when U.S. fighter jet approached an Iranian passenger plane. This was stated by the representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry, Abbas Musawi.

“the Islamic Republic of Iran will not leave unanswered hostile actions against the Iranian people and will react harshly and according to the foolish act when the time is right”, — quotes its words Agency “Mehr”.

According to him, the U.S. Central command (CENTCOM) recognized in Iran as a terrorist, violating the international air travel rules.

“the Presence of U.S. troops in Syria illegally, as the mission of their fighters. More importantly, no one has permitted US to inspect civilian Airliners with fighter jets. It is illegal and dangerous and puts at risk the lives of civilians, especially given the fact that in spite of assurances (the American side — if), a safe distance is not respected,” said Mousavi.

He added that Tehran will pursue measures against the US through the International civil aviation organization.

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