Iran sanctioned the arrest of trump

a Court in Iran had decided to find and send custody of the head of the White house of Donald trump. Also declared wanted 35: the US military and civil servants.

All arrest warrants, according to the military Prosecutor of Tehran, issued in connection with the investigation of the murder of an influential General of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) Qassem Soleimani.

According to the Agency Fars, Islamic Republic hoped to use the help of Interpol in bringing the defendants to justice. However, TASS reports that Interpol is unlikely to consider the request of trump, since it is “contrary to the internal rules of the organization”.

3 January 2020, the United States held in Baghdad (Iraq) operation to eliminate Soleimani. Washington laid on General blame for attacks on U.S. troops and the explosion of the Embassy. Media reported that trump watched the progress of the operation from the Situation room in the White house, the military were for the leader of the country countdown.

the Result of murder was the fact that the Islamic Republic and the States were on the brink of war. Iran in retaliation opened fire on targets Americans in Iraq.

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