Irkutsk regional court recognised as illegal the rejection of only one of the venues for rallies in the city

Irkutsk regional court found the offending clause of the decree of the Governor, by which to protest in Irkutsk reserved a single place – the area in front of the circus. As reported the correspondent of “Rosbalt” the lawyer and human rights activist Valery Teterin, now we should expect that the number of such places will be increased. “The Irkutsk regional court today upheld my administrative claim and acknowledged invalid from the moment the court decision comes into legal force of sub – paragraph Annex to the order of the Governor, which was determined in Irkutsk one special place for public events. The court indicated that it recognizes this provision is invalid because it places the residents of Irkutsk in an unequal position compared to other municipalities of the Irkutsk region. So, in Bratsk, Angarsk for the conduct of public events is highlighted at the three sites, with even greater capacity than in Irkutsk”, – said the defender. Valery Teterin said that before the release of the new edition of the “list of specially designated places” in early March in Irkutsk were five grounds on which to hold meetings. The human rights activist hopes that now the regional authorities will restore the right of citizens to hold public events and return them to the square.

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