Isabelle Adjani heaps praise on the movement, Me Too. In an interview granted to the magazine It , she returns to a year 2018 marked by the fall of many personalities from the art world and the media accused of having taken advantage of their position to engage in sexual abuse. She said that she was thrilled that this movement of the liberation of the word continues despite the criticism. “To all those that get tired of it, I have nothing to say,” she says. I cannot stand to hear men, even if it is not a question of their doing a trial, or to women sometimes […] launch: “Oh, it’s okay, we can do nothing more to say today, you can not seduce!””. The actress advises people refractory to evolve their way to seduce: “I want to reply “But change your codes, affine -, civilise, become subtle, it’s not going déviriliser!” she said.

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“I am not to be found in the worst of situations. But yes, I was bored at times, and disturbed, because the memories of these sensations are so intrusive that they don’t spend”

Isabelle Adjani in It

The actress notes, however, that Me Too was for the moment less impact in France than in the United States. “We have a tendency to withdraw, the judge does it. With also a form of tension on what we consider to be hystérisé on the american side. And then among them, the laws on harassment are in place for a long time. Here, it begins…” in Spite of this reserve, the hex on the topic, the star salutes the “courage of the franc” of some “French actresses” who have witnessed rapidly against the magnate of Hollywood Harvey Weinstein, as Léa Seydoux, Judith Godrèche, Florence Darel or Emma de Caunes. “I say: “Thank you, Weinstein!”” exclaimed she.

Isabelle Adjani supports all the more to Me too that she herself has been subjected to inappropriate behaviour. “Thank god, I did not be found in the worst situations, reassures it. But yes, I was bored at times, and disturbed, because the memories of these sensations are so intrusive that they don’t spend”. For her, “the postulate of non-gravity, the side “oh it’s okay, it’s not going to do a whole story for a hand to the buttocks” is not admissible”.

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“the evil and The harm we may do to the development of femininity in a young girl pass by micro-incidents, and it’s crazy to relegate it in the harmless”

Isabelle Adjani in It

The actress is determined to ensure that the actions considered previously little important to be recognized as unacceptable, because their consequences can be serious. “The evil and the harm we may do to the development of femininity in a young girl pass by micro-incidents, and this is crazy put this in the harmless,” said she. As long as there are no excuses […] there is no repair.” According to the star, the women spend their lives “trying to fix” the trauma of sexist suffered. Those who call on women to stop complaining for nothing are the defendants. “We opened the repair space, and it should apologize for it? No question. This is a service immense finally returned to the women, it should be a public service,” says the actress.

The media’s treatment of the yellow Vests, as an “attempt to déculpabilisation”

In this interview, the actress and oscar winner is also the phenomenon of the yellow Vests, which affects him “personally” because of her “very modest” and “foreign” ; she is the daughter of an immigrant kabyle algerian soldier in the French army. If the violent part of the movement concerned, she is critical of the journalistic processing that has been done. For her, the media wanted to make us forget that they were not given enough voice to the middle and popular classes in the past. “It sounds like a kind of mega business of attempting to déculpabilisation, judge-t-she: you have not given enough of the word, from place to place, but come, sit down, and you can even stay sleep!”

“This is not a sudden disqualifications that will silence people who feel forgotten”

Isabelle Adjani in It

For the actress, “there’s such a fear of being in contempt if it is not in the attention that everything is dézingué, open, we are allowed to flood, to submerge, it flows up to drown out the meaning of the word that the yellow vests to wear with them”, regrets the one that calls to “dialogue”. The star also sees a certain condescension of a class in the manner in which the government, as it considers “a bit lost”, has managed this crisis. “There is a large “over-cautiousness embarrassed” in the way people communicate, Emmanuel Macron, the judge does it. One has the impression that it is not necessary that he be touched by it”. She goes so far as to say that the president is facing “an impossibility to touch, in any case with the body of the poor”.

However, the star believes that it would be necessary to seek solutions to these “invisible” who have finally “power”. “But what power? What is it that we do? How do you do that?” asks she. According to her, it is necessary to be very careful with the temptation of radicalization “of choice and action”, which is already the case in some european countries”. “This is not to blows of disqualifications – “They do not even know properly express what they want”, “do they Know really what they want?” they will silence people who feel forgotten,” warns the actress. A Isabelle Adjani decidedly much more aware of the current issues that its image a bit ethereal suggest.