The drama took place at 4:50 p.m. at a place called “Les Fournelles” shortly after the aircraft took off, with “a family on board who was doing a first flight”, from the Versoud aerodrome about fifteen kilometers northeast of Grenoble, they said, confirming information from France-Bleu Isère.

The wreckage of the small tourist plane, whose tour was to last half an hour, was found “completely charred” as the bodies of its occupants, “four adults and a child” who have not yet been identified, have added the firefighters, alerted by witnesses to the accident.

“An important SDIS 38 device, involving the Dragon 38 helicopter, supported by the Haute-Montagne Gendarmerie Platoon (PGHM) and the Meylan gendarmerie company, was deployed very quickly on the spot, to put out the fire and come to the aid of the passengers”, indicated for its part the prefecture of Isère in a press release.

A total of sixty firefighters were deployed to the scene, according to the latter.

The Grenoble public prosecutor’s office entrusted the investigation to the Isère gendarmerie group, the air transport gendarmerie brigade (BGTA) and the SRGTA (note: French air transport gendarmes) in Paris in order to determine the causes of the this accident, added the prefecture.